Monday, September 15, 2008

Dear Mr Jobs, your itunes 8 software SUCKS! -- an open request for comment

Dear Mr Jobs,

I am writing to inform you that I am sick and tired of running into problems after upgrading to the latest version of iTunes. In the upgrade to release 8, the first time I plugged my iPod into my PC (running windows vista) it told me that I was missing components of the software and it is forcing me to remove and reinstall the software. The thing that I find most confusing, disheartening, and utterly annoying about this, is that version 8 was working fine for me until I plugged in my iPod. Imagine that, plug in the device that the software was made for, and the software breaks. Don't you people test this software before you release it to the masses???!!!

As I sit here pondering the prospect of having to remove and reinstall your iTunes software, and writing this rant, I am feeling a heightened sense of anxiety as to whether or not the iTunes installation process will be able to locate my library (over 40G worth of music) so that I do not have to wait hours and hours and hours to rebuild the database.

As for my percieved total lack of quality control that you and your iTunes team have exhibited, I would like an answer from you as to what you plan to do in the future to prevent these kinds of ameturish software release issues that iTunes has been plagued with.

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