Friday, November 22, 2013

Xbox one optical drive DOA

I went to the midnight launch of the Xbox one and picked up my shiny new Xbox one console last night.

After getting it home and installing it, you could imagine the disappointment that ensued when I found out that the game discs that I purchased would not play.  In addition, blu-ray discs would not play (even after downloading the blu-ray player from the Microsoft store, but standard definition DVD discs would play. I called Xbox support at 3AM only to find that there was a 3 hour wait time for support.  Frustrated, I went to sleep.

First thing this morning I called Xbox support and put myself in the support queue for a call back in "2 - 3 hours." While waiting for a call back from Xbox support, I called the Microsoft store, where I purchased the Xbox, only to find out that they couldn't tell me if they had any in stock that I could exchange for my defective Xbox. The only thing they could tell me was that I had the option to come down to the store to return the defective Xbox; without knowing if I was going to be able to get a replacement.  I opted to wait for Xbox support to call me back.

Once Xbox support called (2.5 hours after getting into the queue) and confirmed that it seems like the optical drive is defective, the support person was not able to order a replacement for me, nor was he able to tell me how long it would take to get a replacement.  Instead, he said that I needed to go to the web site and place a replacement order myself.

By this point (about 12 hours after getting the system) I was so frustrated with the whole situation that I didn't even bother to pursue the option to return the system to the Microsoft store.  I placed the replacement order on the web site (which also didn't tell me how long it would take to get a replacement) and I will wait and keep you all posted on how long it takes to actually get the replacement.

In the meantime and perhaps from here on out, I will be favoring my PS4 over my Xbox one when it comes to this generation of console gaming and set-top-box functionality.

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